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Baby, you’re a Firework!

blue firework burst with trail

Lights over Loveland

Alright guys, I know July 4th was weeks ago, but I’m a little slow and still wanted to share my first experience shooting fireworks!

My wife and I were up in Loveland visiting my family for the 4th as it is also my dad’s birthday. I grew up in Loveland so I have seen many of their firework shows and I must say, the city puts on a very good show every year. They shoot them off over Lake Loveland in the middle of town adding to the ambiance. I wanted to see if I could find a location that highlighted both the fireworks and the lake and determined that the southeast corner of the lake would provide what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, like I have said in the past, I am a bit of a lazy photographer (something I am working on) and I did not get down to the lake soon enough to travel around and find the perfect spot. So I stayed on the north side in the park.

The challenge I had here was that there was no view of the lake, my foreground was a parking lot and we were right under a street lamp! I wasn’t happy about the shooting location but I was with my family, so I can make that justification. I ended up framing just the sky and focused on the fireworks themselves. Turns out, this was a pretty good location as the breeze was blowing in a southeast direction which would have blown all the smoke in my direction had I positioned myself where I originally wanted.

This was a new experience for me and I really would have had no idea how to shoot them (and probably would have shot them completely wrong) were it not for some great articles by: NYIP and a few others which I can’t find at the moment to give proper credit. I will keep looking and updated this post when I am able to give the credit deserved.

Turns out you have a lot of leeway when shooting. These are just a couple of my favorite shots. Visit my flickr page for a few more shots that were keepers!

Fireworks over Lake Loveland, CO


I Love Loveland!

Springtime at a little cafe in Downtown Loveland, colorado

Downtown Loveland, CO after a rain

A couple of summers  ago while my wife and I were on a self-guided bike tour of my hometown of Loveland, Colorado when we ran into one of those classic Colorado rainstorms (bright and sunny day – 20 min. down-pour – bright and sunny afternoon!), so we took shelter in a café/sandwich shop downtown. Loveland has always had such character, and though while I was growing up downtown had lost some of it’s swagger, restaurants with nightly entertainment and quaint little shops have begun to revitalize this historic location.

The set-up for this picture I took was perfect. The storm had just passed leaving a vibrance to the color and texture of the buildings, street – even the air! This combination was too much to pass up. I had to try to capture – even if just a little of – the moment.

Reliving this moment with you has made me anxious to take another bike tour of Loveland with my wife this summer! If you are ever in the area, maybe on your way to Rocky Mountain National Park, take a short detour off highway 34 (Eisenhower Blvd.) and head south on Highway 287 (Cleveland Ave.) for about a mile and check out all Downtown Loveland has to offer. You may just find a lasting memory or two!