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Baby, you’re a Firework!

blue firework burst with trail

Lights over Loveland

Alright guys, I know July 4th was weeks ago, but I’m a little slow and still wanted to share my first experience shooting fireworks!

My wife and I were up in Loveland visiting my family for the 4th as it is also my dad’s birthday. I grew up in Loveland so I have seen many of their firework shows and I must say, the city puts on a very good show every year. They shoot them off over Lake Loveland in the middle of town adding to the ambiance. I wanted to see if I could find a location that highlighted both the fireworks and the lake and determined that the southeast corner of the lake would provide what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, like I have said in the past, I am a bit of a lazy photographer (something I am working on) and I did not get down to the lake soon enough to travel around and find the perfect spot. So I stayed on the north side in the park.

The challenge I had here was that there was no view of the lake, my foreground was a parking lot and we were right under a street lamp! I wasn’t happy about the shooting location but I was with my family, so I can make that justification. I ended up framing just the sky and focused on the fireworks themselves. Turns out, this was a pretty good location as the breeze was blowing in a southeast direction which would have blown all the smoke in my direction had I positioned myself where I originally wanted.

This was a new experience for me and I really would have had no idea how to shoot them (and probably would have shot them completely wrong) were it not for some great articles by: NYIP and a few others which I can’t find at the moment to give proper credit. I will keep looking and updated this post when I am able to give the credit deserved.

Turns out you have a lot of leeway when shooting. These are just a couple of my favorite shots. Visit my flickr page for a few more shots that were keepers!

Fireworks over Lake Loveland, CO