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West Beckwith Peak

West Beckwith Peak by ParadigmLens
West Beckwith Peak, a photo by ParadigmLens on Flickr.

I took this pic this past October on a fall foliage trek in south central Colorado with my wife and fur-baby (my dog, Roxy). I had read how beautiful Kebler Pass, just outside Crested butte, was for fall colors and had to see for myself.

We actually arrived about a week late as most of the aspen had already become bear or brown.

We found this high valley meadow near the Lost Lake campground and with theĀ combinationĀ of the weather (it snowed on us a couple of times), the reaching peak of West Beckwith, and the way the lighting played on the remaining aspen, it made the long trip well worth it!

As you can see after just two posts, I have a broad range of photography styles I try out. Truth be told, you are going on a journey with me as I discover the type of photography I find myself drawn to, and what style I find for myself.

I just hope that I am able to share some interesting and beautiful pictures with you along the way!