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Seeing Things a Different Way…

Eye Spy

To all one of my followers. I apologize for being out of commission for so long. When my computer went down we got a bit backed up on ‘work’ photos and didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to go through my own personal work. But, I am back and happy to be posting again!!

I went back into the archives for this one. Well, for me being so new to photography, back in the archives means the fall of 2009. This is a portrait I took of my beautiful wife. In fact, I think it is the first portrait shoot I ever did. This shot stood out to me because of the composition. I really love the eye and how it is framed by the branch of this dead tree. The only problem I had with the shot, and it is ultimately why I never used it for anything until now, is that the color was really flat. It was just kind of a dull picture.

About two weeks ago I attended a Peachpit webinar by John Batdorff in which he was, one promoting his new book: Black and White: from Snapshots to Great Shots, and two was giving us very helpful tips on creating compelling black and white photos. His challenge to us was to go back into our archives and find a shot that we may have passed over for some reason and try it in black and white.

This worked perfect for this shot! The contrast really gave it depth in my opinion. I feel like I kind of feel like I learned a lesson too. Everything and everybody needs a second chance. Sometimes the first go around you will not shine for whatever reason. But if put in the right context in the right situation, you could be a winner!