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budding tree and office building

Bold and the Beautiful

It never fails that we find ourselves, at some point in our life, over shadowed by something much larger than us and we wonder, ‘how could I ever be noticed?’

This image reminded me of those times. This budding tree was over shadowed by this towering DTC Denver office building, and yet, I found myself drawn to it. The thin, chaotic lines of the branches contrasting against the bold, ordered lines of the office building. It reminded me that you don’t have to be bigger or better than everyone else in this world, you just have to be yourself and celebrate those differences that make you unique.

Take photography for instance, there are LOTS of good photographers out there trying to get noticed. So why do some get noticed while others do not? While, yes, marketing has some to do with it, the main reason is style. So many people try to copy someone else’s style because they see that they get a lot of attention and business – but end up asking the question, ‘why can’t I be successful like them?’

Because you didn’t embrace YOUR style!

You have to find your own style in order to really shine. You can’t put your emotion and feelings into someone else’s work, but when you share your own emotions through your own style people will be drawn to you!

This is part of the journey I find myself on and one of the reasons for this blog. I want to channel my feelings and emotions into my ‘style’ and find out how it touches you. So, please, feel free to leave your feed back, bad and good. It’s the only way I can grow as and artist.


I Love Loveland!

Springtime at a little cafe in Downtown Loveland, colorado

Downtown Loveland, CO after a rain

A couple of summers  ago while my wife and I were on a self-guided bike tour of my hometown of Loveland, Colorado when we ran into one of those classic Colorado rainstorms (bright and sunny day – 20 min. down-pour – bright and sunny afternoon!), so we took shelter in a café/sandwich shop downtown. Loveland has always had such character, and though while I was growing up downtown had lost some of it’s swagger, restaurants with nightly entertainment and quaint little shops have begun to revitalize this historic location.

The set-up for this picture I took was perfect. The storm had just passed leaving a vibrance to the color and texture of the buildings, street – even the air! This combination was too much to pass up. I had to try to capture – even if just a little of – the moment.

Reliving this moment with you has made me anxious to take another bike tour of Loveland with my wife this summer! If you are ever in the area, maybe on your way to Rocky Mountain National Park, take a short detour off highway 34 (Eisenhower Blvd.) and head south on Highway 287 (Cleveland Ave.) for about a mile and check out all Downtown Loveland has to offer. You may just find a lasting memory or two!

West Beckwith Peak

West Beckwith Peak by ParadigmLens
West Beckwith Peak, a photo by ParadigmLens on Flickr.

I took this pic this past October on a fall foliage trek in south central Colorado with my wife and fur-baby (my dog, Roxy). I had read how beautiful Kebler Pass, just outside Crested butte, was for fall colors and had to see for myself.

We actually arrived about a week late as most of the aspen had already become bear or brown.

We found this high valley meadow near the Lost Lake campground and with the combination of the weather (it snowed on us a couple of times), the reaching peak of West Beckwith, and the way the lighting played on the remaining aspen, it made the long trip well worth it!

As you can see after just two posts, I have a broad range of photography styles I try out. Truth be told, you are going on a journey with me as I discover the type of photography I find myself drawn to, and what style I find for myself.

I just hope that I am able to share some interesting and beautiful pictures with you along the way!

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